Which experts are needed for successful search engine optimization (or to outsource SEO)?

Which experts are needed for successful search engine optimization (or to outsource SEO)?

We are offering  a “complete SEO package. 

There are far too many factors that play into the ranking that have nothing to do with classic 

SEO work (if we now roughly define classic SEO work as “producing content” + “link building”). 

A Complete Guide to SEO:

It is therefore practically impossible to even begin to predict results. Which of course makes the whole SEO topic frustrating for you as a customer (and what I have tried to explain in this article about. 

To know how to Perform On Page SEO follow this post.

The 3 reasons why you do not rank in first place

In my opinion, you basically need 3 good people (as you can see to meet each of the 3 basic rules): 

1. Someone who can write you engaging copy (with an emphasis on engaging copy, not just off the shelf SEO copy). Say, a copywriter or content marketer. 

2. Someone who can build links from third party websites . So this has less to do with technical SEO knowledge than with classic PR. In other words: build relationships with other website operators, bloggers, magazines, clubs, associations or traditional media. And definitely nothing with just leaving comments on someone else’s blog or listing the website in hundreds of irrelevant online directories. 

3. Someone who can create a  fast, search engine optimized website for you and optimize the texts on the website (by the way, that’s what I specialize in and my only SEO service). 

Learn Off Page SEO

Final thoughts :

Search engine optimization is a very exciting topic for which there are a large number of online courses and seminars. Before you buy a course, you should carefully consider what level your knowledge is and what you expect from a course. My recommendations from this article are certainly very helpful for beginners and advanced users. If you are a bit more advanced or have already completed a few courses, our personal coaching may be the better alternative for you.

If you are interested in such a coaching, just contact.

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