What is Web Hosting – Need of Web Hosting

What is web hosting and how does it work?

If you think you need to know everything you first need to understand how websites work. Every single website is composed of different files that are responsible for showing text images buttons login contact forms and similar elements to the users. So, a website in essence is just a collection of various files and these files need a place where they can be stored to view them and that place just happens to be a computer just like you would store pictures on your computer and simply open them up whenever you want to view them the same way you can store website files on your computer. If I want somebody to look at my website, I need to host my file on some computer.

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Need of Web Hosting

It’s not the best idea to host a website online on your computer, this comes with a lot of problems for this you would need to be connected to the internet at all times. If you lose the connection that’s it your website is offline. And most home usage internet connections simply do not pack enough juice required to efficiently transfer files to thousands of visitors. The need of Web hosting felt. You would need an extremely high bandwidth internet connection and of course, your computer can overheat or break or the electricity could go out all resulting in your website being offline.

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What is web hosting and why do I need it?

What is web hosting in simple terms?

In the most simple terms, web hosting is renting space on those hard drives that you mentioned to house your website files these hard drives.

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Why web hosting is good? Need of web hosting

People had a better solution. Web hosting companies emerged, these companies would build specialized cost-effective computers that aren’t very good for regular usage but are extremely efficient at storing and transferring data these computers are called servers. The next step was renting out huge warehouses to store all of those servers making sure they’re kept cool have access to the internet and maintenance these server warehouses are called data centers. The largest data center is 10 million square feet or 920 000 square meters this is the equivalent of 170 football fields combined and that’s just one data center there are probably thousands of them all around the world.

These web hosting companies rent you the server space for a monthly theme this way you have a reliable and maintained environment to keep all of your website’s files safe and secure. This also comes with some unique advantages for example they give you a control panel and an interface to manage your website easier. You also get the tools necessary to create professional-looking email addresses and configure their servers for additional security so your websites and email addresses are safe. These servers are connected to the internet and can transfer the files to your viewers at a rapid speed but another question is often associated with web hosting. These companies are called Web Hosts. for example, GoDaddy, Bluehost, Hostinger, etc.

Need of Web Hosting

And that’s all the internet is a giant network of servers that send and receive files back and forth all day, every day to create this connected experience, where users can all see the same websites, share the same files, and access data from any device. So, now that we have a basic understanding of web hosting. All different providers servers in a warehouse have different size data centers and their servers are made up of different components. for example, some providers use the latest 2019-2020 technology while others don’t want to upgrade and still use the same servers they built back in 2005 and have been constantly working for 15 years so when choosing your hosting provider do some research and now you have the knowledge about what is web hosting and how all of it works but knowing is just half the battle the other half is the hard part of actually going out and hosting your website for your convenience.

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What does web hosting mean?

While there’s a very long technical answer to that, the very simple answer is that it is space on a computer — also known as a web server — that is available 24 hours a day, to serve up or show your web pages to the people who want to view them.

Can I host my own website?


Now if you wanted to, you could keep your web pages on your computer and run web server software on it, but the disadvantage of that is that anytime you shut down your computer your website would not be available anymore. Another alternative that some people choose is to set up a dedicated computer at their home or office, run the web server on it, and because it’s connected to the internet just for that it’s available more often. But the downside of that is if there’s a power outage or your internet service provider has an outage then your website goes down also.

Why web hosting is important?

Need of Web Hosting

So, the big advantage that you have of going with a hosting services company is the reliability, and in the case of servers, the data center that is structurally built to withstand tornado force winds, has a backup diesel generator and it has technical support people in the data center 24/7. So, if some of the hardware goes bad it can be quickly fixed. That’s how we can keep websites up 99.9% of the time. Superior Support Now one of the other features of web hosting that’s often unnoticed is customer service.

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Because not only are you just adding space on a server, you’re getting people who can help you with your website, with your hosting, with your mail, and all that sort of stuff. A lot of companies that have cheap hosting can do that because they outsource their support. The mission is to help you achieve your mission online. You call us and we’ll help you with whatever sorts of technical issues that you’re having. So, if you are looking for web hosting services for your Blog, School, Ministry, or Business I hope you will consider a good one and will review our article for best one.

Reliable Hosting

You shouldn’t host your website to anywhere processed, without a high quality host your website will surely load slowly, have high downtime and be less secure. By choosing the quality host you will greatly improve the performance of your site and receive a ton of additional advantages the common advantages are one-click install that allows quickly installed WordPress to your website. Automatic updates to the WordPress core and WordPress centered a support team that can handle any question related to WordPress.

Types of WordPress Hosting

The two main types of WordPress hosting are shared hosting and managed hosting.

Shared WordPress hosting

Shared WordPress hosting is the cheapest form of WordPress hosting you will ever find and this is mainly because you share server resources with other web sites. Shared server can be an affordable choice for new business owners and smaller sites.

Managed WordPress Hosting

For those who are looking for more speed security and support will need managed WordPress hosting managed WordPress hosting takes the stress out of hosting and managing your site usually managed WordPress hosting will use a dedicated server but it can also be configured with VPS hosting or cloud hosting or even a shared server environment. With managed WordPress hosting you get high levels of security incredibly fast speed up-to-date server high level of uptime.

How can you choose the best hosting service as per your requirement. This you have to figure it out yourself no one can help you in this because its specific to every different person or different user has its specific need for its website as well as the different budget so if you are a startup just trying to go for a new website, and you haven’t created anytime before, you have different needs. If you already know how to build and you can get good growth in the early stages of the website. So, you need to go for different plans.

What is web hosting example?

Choosing a hosting company can be confusing how do you find the best website hosting company or the best WordPress hosting with so many options in hosting and so many confusing choices. I’m going to introduce you to four hosting companies that I have used and like each one offers different services so I hope you decide which one is right for your project. The best hosting service providers are, Bluehost, Hostinger, Namecheap, and Godaddy. These are server-based, is if you want cloud-based services then Amazon AWS and Google Cloud are the best website hosting services. Moreover, if you want any other details of Hosting, you can check the article on them. I have reviewed Bluehost, Honstinger, Namecheap, and Godaddy hosting. I’ll also be sharing details on the best Cloud-based services.

Why is good web hosting important?

There are many different criteria for deciding which web hosting service you can go for First is which particular type of need you have for your website like, which platform you are using, which type of website you are creating, platform as in whether you are using WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or you are making the website on your own via asp, dot net or you are creating a type of website like e-commerce you have a different requirement, for blogs you have a different requirement. If it’s just a business website you have specifically different kinds of requirements and criteria. Another thing is how much traffic is expected from your website. And what is the monthly budget you want an SSL with the web hosting plan or you want to add it afterward on your own, you want it with cPanel you want SSL services which language you want to build your website and you want more than one or two websites under the same server or you are going only for one website these are the basic needs which you have to first sort it out the particular needs for your website then secondly you have to check. For Example one of the must thing, that you need to check the company’s reviews. Every website hosting company has different customer experiences. You need to check what are the reviews as per my experience Bluehost, Godaddy, Hostinger, and Namecheap are the best hosting services we have in the market. But everyone’s opinion is different. Secondly, what type of security what kind of web security they are providing with the plan, and how is their customer support. With these criteria, you have to decide on your own which hosting is best for you but as per market standards.

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