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Off Page Optimization:

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Off Page optimization involves all measures that are carried out outside of your own website. The goal is to get as many high-quality backlinks as possible, i.e. links from other websites to your own website (this is called link building). 

The emphasis is on high quality, as many bad links through spamming and link farming by Google can not only be ignored, but even punished . 

A Complete Guide to SEO:

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The “social signals”, that is, the links and likes on social networks such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, are becoming increasingly important. The more people talk about a website, the more relevant it is to Google. 

The basic idea is very simple: the more links point to a website, the better the reputation of the website (and the better it ranks in Google). To learn how to do Off-Page SEO, follow this post.

List of 90 + DA Do Follow Web 2.0 sites:

Learn how to do Off Page SEO:  


how to do Off Page SEO and how do you get the important backlinks? That is the question of the questions: After all, you cannot force a website operator to set a link to your own website. And the links that you can easily create yourself (be it in online directories, as guest book / blog comments or even about a purchased article) are simply not worth much. In the end, only those who offer interesting and useful content will receive links. The catchphrase for this is content marketing. Content marketing brings customers and prospects to the website and keeps them for a longer period of time. 

For example,  if you have an interesting blog on your website that attracts a lot of readers, you increase the traffic to your website. Interesting and entertaining content will therefore attract more visitors. If visitors share, like or link this content, this also has a positive effect on the search engine ranking, which brings even more traffic. So you not only offer additional benefits for the customer, but also trigger a positive domino effect : Interesting content attracts visitors, is shared with pleasure, experiences greater dissemination, and so on and so forth. All of this ultimately leads to more traffic and thus more potential customers . This is also called organic link building, since the link growth takes place naturally, and is considered the optimal off-page optimization. 

All of this leads to more sales and increases the company’s reputation by being able to position yourself as an expert in a certain area (because every good ranking is nothing more than a recommendation by Google itself). 

List of free High Quality 90 + DA Do Follow  Web 2.0 Backlink:

Types of Backlinks 

social media

1. Web 2.0 Backlinks

2. Guest posts

3. Blog comments

4. Social Bookmarks

5. Contextual Backlink

6. Editorial Links

7. Webinar links

8. Guest post Bio links

9. Forum Profile links

10. Link Insertion

Social Bookmarks Link Sources:

social media

1. Reddit

2. Tumblr

3. Pinterest

4. Plurk

5. StumbleUpon

6. Scoop

7. Flipboard

8. Myspace

9. Slashdot

10. Fart

Google is fundamentally critical of link building: 

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After all, Google does not want you to be able to influence your ranking yourself. 

Too many bad links or too many new links at the same time can be interpreted by Google as manipulation attempts and spam , which can lead to the website being penalized. Google does not like irrelevant links it actually sees those as spammy and can potentially penalize a website.

A website needs a healthy backlink profile. This could be possible if a website manages to get constant new links directed to it, however more important than the number of links that a website receives is the quality of the links pointing to it. Therefore, active link building is a long-term and complex process that must be carried out very carefully. 

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