How to perform on page SEO [On Page Optimization Beginner Guide]

On Page Optimization:

On Page optimization affects all measures that are carried out on your own website . On Page optimizations are more of a technical nature and are carried out once. Here is the content of a page optimized for certain keywords that they will be found to be of possible relevance to Google and will therefore appear in the results far above. 

A Complete Guide to SEO:

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How To Perform On Page SEO:

The optimization not only happens with the text that is enriched with the keywords, but also with the title, meta tags, images, URL, navigation and internal links of the website. 

But the most important On Page SEO factor is a user-friendly and lightning-fast website that is optimized according to the recommendations of the Google Page Speed Tool .

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SEO and User Friendly Factors: 

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A fast and user-friendly website ensures that visitors stay longer on the website instead of leaving your website after a few moments (the so-called “bounce rate”). 

To know how to Perform On Page SEO follow this post.

So not only your website itself, but also these “user signals” (= how real visitors actually use your website) are evaluated by Google and flow into the ranking. 

The on-page optimization is the important platform for SEO and has above all a very good value for money, if the competition is not all too strong. 

In order to be at the top of the list for more competitive search terms across any country, off-page optimization is required, which is very time-consuming and must be carried out over the long term. 

Learn Off Page SEO

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