AirDrop | How you can earn free cryptocurrency?

What does airdrop mean in Crypto?

What about if I tell you that you can earn free cryptocurrency in a completely legitimate way? Doesn’t it sound great? Well, that’s called an airdrop.


“An airdrop is when a blockchain project gives away free tokens to create awareness. The whole point of airdrops is to get FREE cryptocurrencies. You just have to achieve some steps that they ask you to do like following them on Twitter and you will receive your your tokens real soon.”


Where can I find free Crypto Airdrops?

The whole point of airdrops is to get FREE cryptocurrencies! How to get crypto airdrops? So, as you can see airdrops are really useful for these projects, and you can profit from it. We’ll mention some free AirDrop Projects. But try to do your own research too. You don’t need to do a lot of research but at least try to find some people who reviewed the cryptocurrency and the air drop, or who already did it. The only way you need money is to already hold some coins. But never to send it somewhere.

How to get crypto Airdrops:

Who doesn’t like Airdrop? And guess what!? It all comes down to Ethereum scaling. You should know that there are more than a few “scaling” solutions out there. Multiple flavors of rollups like zk, optimistic, and arbitrum. Sidechains like xdai and matic, and then the one not spoke much of state channels like raiden and connext. If you haven’t noticed, there has been a fragmentation of dapps choosing scaling solutions.


Some are choosing rollups, but not the same flavor, some are choosing xdai, some are choosing matic. Now one of those dapps, Synthetix, who has chosen rollups put out a 2021 year prediction tweet thread and he started it out with this. He predicts “L2 migrations and attempts to consolidate around a solution will take up most of the year, fragmentation and forks will ensue across different scaling solutions. Basically, what a lot of VC’s imagined in 2016/17 but their L1 bags will still end up worthless” Fragmentation, forks, no agreement on a solution.

technical analysis

That sounds like a major problem?? That sounds like what Synthetix is using, rollups, isn’t going to be the “ONE” rollup chain like some assumed…. So, this means Silos, layers that cannot communicate with eachother. Yeah, they can communicate with the bottom layer 1 ethereum, but with a dapp on an optimistic rollup layer 2, how is it supposed to communicate with a dapp on an arbitrum rollup layer 2!? Where is that interoperability coming from and when is it coming?? Well this leads us right into the airdrop, and its one of the scaling solutions that is not talked about very much, but ties everything together. Scaling with State channels and it’s from Connext.

So in Mid November 1 and a half months ago, Connext tweeted this “Cross-chain interop is the biggest barrier to L2 adoption today. Over the last few months, we’ve quietly built Vector: a x-chain routing network that works with L2s, Eth2 shards, and even other L1 chains. Vector is now on testnet! Learn more…with a link to their medium article. Yes they have built Vector…a routing layer, which will allow different layer 2’s to communicate, which will allow the communication between rollup chains & beyond! And it’s been live on the testnet for over 45 days.

I wouldn’t doubt Connext takes a similar route, of airdropping their network’s token to those who have used it in some form. Remember how they said to hit them up about being an LP? Well, I might just do that. Use spacefold on the testnet? I just might do that….and links for all this is in the description. But I would be paying attention for that mainet…which could be dropping at anytime…and the opportunity to test out their routing laye because Hands down, vector is the glue of layer 2. But regarding more Airdrops.


Their “surprise airdrop” many thought was coming from this Christmas tweet was this “50 dollars worth of ZRX tokens to 50 lucky users. An airdrop of sorts, but not a new token, like I said over the live stream this weekend. This one is not airdropping a NEW token, matcha is from the ZRX team. So, if you wanna find an airdrop from the ZRX ecosystem, you need to look for something not built by the ZRX team. And that is one that has been around with the ZRX team, building alongside as a relayer since 2018.


Radar Relay:

Now Radar Relay, caught big hype in 2018, big investments, but that cooled down throughout 2019 and into the beginning of 2020 as the 0x protocol struggled to find its liquidity shoes. But, 2020 has been nice to 0x, and liquidity is really picking up, getting over 1 billion in 24 hour volume here recently.

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