How to connect Your trust wallet to pancakeswap:

How To connect your Trust Wallet to Pancakeswap:

Pancakeswap Exchange:

Pancake is a decentralize exchange and trust wallet is a digital wallet to store crypto coin. Now, to connect your trust wallet with Pancakeswap, let’s get start.

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Pancakeswap is a decentralized exchange built on Binance smart chain, it’s a very fast and inexpensive decentralized exchange compare to another alternative as such UniSwap.”

How To connect your Trust Wallet to Pancakeswap:

Once you are connected with Pancakeswap in your trust wallet, you can buy all these new BEP20 coins built on the Binance Smart chain. How to connect your trust wallet to Pancakeswap? I assume you already downloaded the trust wallet from your apps store, if you haven’t already, download the trust wallet for your mobile phone on the link.

If this is your first time setting up the trust wallet you will be given some security keys, your all account control is relying on these keys, do not take a screenshot or something but write down the words and keep them in a safe place. Now, when you open your trust wallet for the first time, you probably don’t have a browser option in your wallet, the one with four dots.

To enable the browser option in trust wallet, go to your mobile browser and type trust://browser_enable This will open a popup message saying “open this page in trust, once you click open, you have browser enable in your trust wallet. Now, you have a browser enabled in your trust wallet. If you click on this browser in your trust wallet and scroll down a little, you can see the popular category, and you can see Pancakeswap is within the popular category.

If you click the Pancakeswap, for the first time, you will be asked to connect, click to connect, and click to trust wallet, you are instantly connected to your trust wallet from Pancakeswap. Now, when you are in Pancakeswap, you will need some BNB smart chain balance to buy the BEP20 coin.

So, how to get BNB?

There are many ways to get the BNB token coins. but you can buy BNB Smart chain coin on the Binance website at a relatively low transaction fee. Once, you buy this BNB on the Binance website, Let’s transfer your BNB to your trust wallet. Go to your trust wallet, click on Smart BNB and select your copy of the received code, now go to your BNB website or wallet. Click to BNB and click to withdraw. Then, paste the address you copied from your trust wallet. On the network input: Since BNB is a built-in Binance Smart chain it will automatically recognize which network is your token address based on.

On the amount input: you can choose to send all by clicking on Max or you can write how much you want to send to your trust wallet, your available balance is visible under the amount input area. Once you click to withdraw, there will be some small transaction fee and you will be shown how much you will be a charge for this transaction. Click to confirm. If you have two-factor authentications enabled, Binance will ask you to verify your transaction using SMS and email, click to send the code and input the code you received in SMS and email and withdraw your transaction to your Trust wallet.

It may take from few seconds to minutes to receive your BNB. Once you have BNB in your trust wallet, you can purchase a new BEP20 token. Keep in mind, when you buy a new token, always copy the address from or Beware, there are more than 50 coins are launched every day, please do your research before investing your money in the market. I hope, you learn how to connect your Pancakeswap from your trust wallet and how to use it to buy some BEP20 coin.

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