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Hostinger Hosting Review:

I’m going to be reviewing Hostinger, a possibly the cheapest web host on the market today and go through some of the pricing as well as the pros and cons compared to some of the top web hosts on the internet so we’re going to be jumping straight into this. Provider With

Hostinger web hosting review
Hostinger Hosting Review

Hostinger is a web hosting service, which I’m using it for quite a long time period. Around 2019 Firstly, I used it in the year 2019, then 2020, Now we are going to do its review in 2021. If I talk about this company, it was established in the year 2004 Then in 2011, they branded themselves as Hostinger. After that, they are achieving new things in the long run. In the last 2 to 3 years, there has been a great progress.

Pros and Cons:

Price is affordable, and incredibly cheap Automatically installed plugins (can be deactivated later)
1 SSL Certificate Uptime can be Improved
Speed is good Customer Support takes half an hour to reply
Modern interface peed Can be improved
Easy And understandable to Use
Well Organize Dashboard
Intuitive level of access to all tools
Security is good
Load Handling is good
Unlimited migrations and Payment support

Top things that you should know about Hostinger
(Review) before you get a plan with them

Hostinger Review:

The detail Hostinger review of it’s hosting services, pricing, uptime and everything is discussed given below in detailed.

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Price is affordable, and incredibly cheap compared to some of the other web hosts for example like Hostgator or Siteground. Hostinger has the lowest prices out of any web hosting provider by a huge margin their cheapest plan starts at $2 a month but the more expensive plans cloud or VPS hosting are still way below industry standard prices on average every single plan with Hostinger is around two times cheaper than Bluehost and a crazy 10 times cheaper than SiteGround.

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Talking about SSL, you will get 1 free SSL over here. At present, there’s a deal for unlimited SSL, but that is only for a limited time period, In future, this deal might get off soon If this offer ends, then we have some more options like Cloudflare and many more options to get free SSL.


In CMS we have WordPress, Drupal and Joomla You also get a lot of CMS options over here Talking about Sitebuilder, they don’t have the best Sitebuilder, but They redirect you to Zyro, which is a part of the hostinger, But you will have to separately pay for it So if you want Sitebuilder, don’t go for Hostinger, It would be better if you buy it directly from Zyro itself if you are referring only to Sitebuilder,


If you’ve ever dealt with web hosting before you’re probably used to seeing this view this is called the cPanel. Hostinger doesn’t have it they decided to go ahead and develop their own control panel that they call the hPanel.


You only get a 24/7 live chat support and email. But to their credit their live chat system is quite new and feature packed you can send GIFS pictures and links absolutely no problems at all. I would say their support overall was average it was nothing great but it wasn’t the worst either their team was actually knowledgeable but they had a pretty bad response time at 14 minutes when compared to other hosting providers.


You’ll see secure your website with daily backups. This will back up your site daily so if something happens to your site you can use a previous backup from the previous day or before whatever happened and your site will be back to its normal state


Hostinger offer three main plans, Single Premium and Startup Plans. The startup, which is their cloud hosting for $9.99 a month. The single plan for $1.39 a month and their premium plan for $2.59 a month. So, if different plans have different loading speed, how many visitors can each plan handle and give you some general recommendations about which plan you should go for if you’re choosing Hostinger. So, single and premium plans are shared hosting. However, the startup plan is cloud hosting.

The first thing you want to do to buy a domain and web hosting with Hostinger is click the link in the description below so you can be taken to Hostinger and so you can take advantage of getting up to 90% off plus a free SSL Certificate and also a free domain name on certain plans.

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Once you click the link in the description below you’ll be on the Hostinger home page. You can click the start now button to get to the hosting plans or scroll down and it’ll be the next section on the Hostinger home page.

Single Shared Hosting

You will see you can save 90% on the Single Shared Hosting plan. This plan is good if you only have one website and are only in need of one email account. This plan is a good plan for most when just starting out. The free domain name discount isn’t included with this plan. You will get a domain discount though.

Premium Shared Hosting

Next, you will see you can save 74% on the Premium Shared Hosting plan. This plan is good if you have more than one website as this supports unlimited websites and email accounts. The free domain name discount is included with this plan if you choose any of the annual terms. If you choose the monthly option you will get a domain discount but it won’t be free.

Business Shared Hosting

Next, you will see you can save 75% on the business shared hosting. This plan comes with unlimited websites and daily backups. It also comes with a free domain name for annual plans or a discounted domain price for the monthly option. The next plan you will see is the cloud hosting plan that starts from $7.45 a month. If you are interested in getting cloud hosting click on the see all plans button and it’ll take you to the Hostinger cloud hosting plans. The cloud hosting plans are good for sites that want faster speed. Once you choose a plan click the add to cart button.

What’s the difference? (Hostinger review)

So, when it comes to shared web hosting think of it as a hotel room when you buy a plan you’re only renting a room in it. There is actually other people living around you and you all share the same building. However, cloud hosting is like buying a piece of land. You can build whatever you want on that land without limitations, the biggest advantage of this is that you can have more people visit your website. Because you have more resources and just more space. The single plan comes with 1 CPU core and 256 MB of RAM. The premium plan comes with 1 CPU core and 512 MB of RAM. However, the startup plan comes with 2 CPU cores and 3 000 MB of RAM, making it around 10 times as powerful as the shared hosting options.


I’ve created a WordPress website on all 3 plans and then tested the loading speed to see if there’s a difference at all. It’s full of images, text, videos animations and obviously there are no optimizations just the default out of the box install. Interestingly enough, there’s virtually no difference in speed the cheapest plan fully loaded in 0.82s and the server took just 0.14s to respond. This is incredibly fast and no way this should be available at a plan that’s this cheap, but the premium plan fully loaded in just 0.9s and the server took 0.15s to respond. While cloud hosting fully loaded in 0.77s and the server took 0.15s to respond as well. As you can see there’s virtually no difference, that means that it doesn’t matter which plan you choose the speed will be the same.


The uptime is quite good. Overall, I have got it for 99.87% If I talk about US Server, If I talk about its incidents, they are quite short, they are improving gradually and 99% is the approximate which I have got which is quite good In general, US servers have a good uptime.

Traffic and Performance

The only weakness in terms of performance is the ability to handle a lot of traffic at the same time because I’ve done these tests like multiple times over the years and it’s always the same story. The website slows down dramatically as soon as a lot of people visit at the same time so if you have a high traffic website immediately go for the cloud hosting plans don’t even look at shared hosting. Even though Hostinger is an European company they have data centers all across the world in the US, EU and Asia regions.

Why is this important to have Hosting Server in Same Area? (Hostinger Review)

All technology is based on physics and well the shorter the distance information has to travel the faster it can reach its goals. Like your wi-fi getting worse the further you are away from it. Having your website be located in one part of the world while your audience is located in the other doesn’t seem like the smartest idea.

hostinger hosting

How much power and resources does a regular website actually need? (Hostinger Review)

Well in short, when a user comes onto your Website they take up a small amount of RAM let’s say around 7 MB per user. So, in theory you can only have 35 people on at the same time with the cheapest plan before you run out of memory. 70 people with the premium plan and a crazy 428 people with the startup plan.


So, simply choose based on your expected visitors. But keep in mind these are visitors that are coming in at the same time, remember what I said about web hosting being your room. An unlimited amount of people can actually visit your room but not all at the same time. Okay, so we’ve determined how many visitors can each plan realistically handle at the same time.

Now there’s one question How Hostinger is cheap and how do they survive at this price point for years? (Hostinger review)

If you do decide to go with them so you’re not totally lost so on the front page you’ve got 99 cents now. Last year I actually came across the website and it was like 88.88 cents or 80 cents per month and that’s incredibly cheap compared to some of the other web hosts for example like Hostgator or Siteground you know the cheapest plans that you can get on the internet are probably like three to five dollars so how do they actually offer the price right so I think this is probably one of the most important things that you have to understand is their pricing model.

Keep in mind, that even though their website says the prices are monthly it’s actually a one-time payment so you’ll have to pay for the full period upfront. And the prices do change depending on the period you buy for, if you want hosting for just one year it will be more expensive that means for the lowest possible price you’re forced to buy for the longest period of time but that’s not all. So, if you want to buy a 4 year plan for $1.99 cents a month after 4 years it will renew for $3.15 cents a month but you can save yourself an extra 10% percent by using the links in the description and typing in the code EMITREVIEWS.

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They are good at collaboration Recently they have collaborated with Patchstack They have also collaborated with Fiverr and as soon as you install WordPress you can find Plugins Like All in one SEO, All in one WP Migration, Monster Insight Plugin, Optimize Monster Plugin and WP Forms All these plugins are pre-installed. So, this was the complete hostinger review.

So, the big question is Will Hostinger be a good option for 2021 as a budget hosting provider? (Hostinger review)

So, my answer is still yes! Hostinger is a good option, in many cases, they have improved a lot compared to last year, The interface is good, there are backup options, the speeds are good In many cases, they need to improve, for support and for uptime, they need to do some minor improvements (Hostinger review). So, if you are just starting over, your traffic and budget is low, then Hostinger would be a really good option over here I have also hosted my websites over here If you can improve your budget, then BlueHost and SiteGround are also the good options.

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