Godaddy WordPress Hosting Review-10 Things You Should Know in 2021


Godaddy worldwide plus they’re known for their domain name registration, Email Hosting and more in fact there are dozens of products to choose from including hosting for WordPress, Windows Servers and dedicated hosting for power users. But you might know GoDaddy for their domains and web hosting. One of the most affordable and easy to use domain and hosting provider you can find on the internet. If you haven’t heard of GoDaddy you should know it’s one of the most successful domain and web hosting selling companies in the world.

Godaddy wordpress hosting review
Godaddy WordPress Hosting Review


Best for Domain Buying Competitively High Prices
Speed is GoodNo SSL Certificate on Some Plans
Customer Support is Incredibly greatSpeed Need Improvement
Security is GoodUptime need improvement
Reliable hosting providerSpeed need improvement

Godaddy WordPress Hosting Review

Top 10 things that you should know about Godaddy before you get a plan with them

Godaddy WordPress Hosting Review

It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete beginner or more experienced user finding the ideal web hosting service to suit your needs can be tricky this in-depth review of GoDaddy’s web hosting capabilities should help you decide whether the services for you.


The first one is you’re going to get good site speed. To be honest google usually recommends a site to load in under three seconds. The average page speed was above per running around the two seconds mark and it’s looking good compared to the three seconds recommended by google. Godaddy has three server locations which are in North America, Europe and Asia. So, if your business is located outside of the United States and most of your website visitors are from other countries then Godaddy should provide a faster page load speed which will provide your customers with a better user experience. On the positive side they are a very reliable host.

WordPress (Godaddy WordPress Hosting Review)

The second one is with a one-click install application. So, what I mean by this is there’s a bunch of flat flames out that you can use to make your website. WordPress is very popular that is what all of our clients are on. By far the easiest way so to be able to go in there and just one click WordPress installed.


The third one is, believe it or not they actually have some competitive pricing so you’re going to find out that all out of all the big hosting server websites like GoDaddy, Bluehost, DreamHost and Hostgator all of those have pretty similar prices so it’s not like GoDaddy stealing from you and as far as how much you’re paying for monthly posting there are cheaper options out there though.

SSL Certificate

Godaddy has not included this feature at all. Most of hosting providing companies also offer free SSLL certificates on all their plans whereas Godaddy only provides this basic feature on their highest plan.

Godaddy Plans (Godaddy WordPress Hosting Review):

Godaddy WordPress Hosting and their plans are reviewed in this article. There are three plans that GoDaddy currently offers in a promotional page where you can find them on sale. All of the plans have the benefit of one free month trials and a cancellation anytime during the free trial option. let’s pick the business plan you get a free domain name from GoDaddy. You can use your own domain. When we finish and pay, we are able to use the GoDaddy website builder and we are redirected to the themes page there are hundreds of themes organized by category according to the product you are offering.

godaddy hosting plans

Shared Hosting

There are three shared hosting plans to choose from with the economy tier starting at 4.50 per month you are limited to just one website and 100 gigabytes of storage however on the next two hire plans you can have unlimited websites and storage but you do have to pay more at six dollars or eight dollars fifty per month

Personal package

the entry plan is called economy it’s for one website a generous 100 gigabytes of storage and 10 databases. The personal package is just one dollar per month and you get 50 personal themes unlimited pages in office 365 business email.

Business plan

The business plan is $6.99 and you get 300 themes unlimited pages in office 365 and a mobile site. It is same as Economy plan but with unlimited websites storage and 25 databases ultimate gives you unlimited websites storage and databases plus throws in an ssl certificate for one year maximum.

Business plus plan

The business plus plan is $9.99 per month and is the only plan that has SEO optimization included you also get all the business plan features and one-year SSL certificate. It is same but with twice the processing power all the plans offer, a free domain for one year, unmetered bandwidth in a max of 250 000 files which should be enough for most websites


Godaddy managed to produce a decent result of 99.977 which still passed my minimum standard of 99.95. It still can be improved. Godaddy uptime is not that good. If you don’t have good uptime customers can’t get your website. Even you can get to your own website. Whoever you’re directing to the website, can’t get there.

GoDaddy’s website builder (Godaddy WordPress Hosting Review)

The previous version of GoDaddy’s website builder didn’t give you a lot of control over layout, but we’re happy to see that you now have a few more options for displaying your content. While it’s not a drag-and-drop editor, you do have the freedom to shuffle sections up and down. This gives you a good amount of flexibility, without compromising on ease of use. You can also preview what your website will look like at any time, on both desktop and mobile. You can also insert tracking from Google Analytics or social media, and even add a favicon.

But here’s one area we think GoDaddy could do a lot better. If your site is on GoDaddy’s free or Basic paid plan, your SEO options are limited to just page title and description. And even if you upgrade to a higher plan, you’re still not able to edit some key SEO elements, such as your blog’s SEO settings. Now, let’s not forget about their new marketing features. It’s great to see that GoDaddy have made some big improvements to the blog, including the ability to add categories, enable commenting, and schedule posts. However, you can’t embed your own HTML or add elements such as tables, which is a bit limiting.


They have a very confusing package so when you log into the web hosting page and they basically like customize their own backend of the web hosting portion instead of just using the simple cPanel like everyone else uses. The cpanel’s installer they also let you work with Joomla Drupal and Magento amongst many others to install WordPress.


A lot of times the emails are just somehow slow I just don’t get I’ve had multiple clients that we’ve had to switch from GoDaddy because their emails weren’t coming through and when people were submitting the contact forms on website or even if they were just communicating with clients, it was just absolutely ridiculous so you know obviously you eat those emails need to be emailing.


what if you have any additional questions, we looked into their customer support and we were extremely satisfied they have a 24/7 phone support for almost each country. The support is great but can be improved.


In dashboard, you can edit your site anytime you want. Link it to social media or manage the backups. You will see the visitors statistics contact manager and internal menu all you need in one place turns out that with GoDaddy website builder you can literally have your business live for the night.


There are also a few cons there are no e-commerce features included no testing of the build-it-yourself features before payment pro SEO service is only available in the most expensive package still making up your mind about GoDaddy nothing to lose but all to gain with their hot subscription promotions. However, keep in mind that site builders like Shopify or Wix have much stronger ecommerce capabilities, for a similar price. 

So, the big question is Will Godaddy be a good option for 2021 as a budget hosting provider? (Godaddy WordPress Hosting Review)

Godaddy WordPress Hosting Review:

There are a few reasons that I don’t recommend GoDaddy Hosting. They’re not the worst host in the world I just think that there are a lot better that you can choose. For the first time a lot of first-time users go and get GoDaddy because they don’t know about any other web hosting companies. When they type in web host in search engine either Google GoDaddy’s number one or something you know so they’re getting a lot of newer people. So, in the end, should you consider using GoDaddy for web hosting? Unfortunately, no! There’s just not enough value there for the price. I can see that GoDaddy is constantly evolving, but it’s distressing to see them slipping on the technical side. A 98.97% uptime is also not acceptable at any price point. So, for these reasons, I’m reluctant to recommend GoDaddy.

So, who would I recommend instead? Well, if you’re looking for basic shared hosting, I would recommend Hostinger, Namecheap or DreamHost.

Godaddy Domain:

So, are you going to use GoDaddy for Domain buying? If you need a dot-com Domain, I would definitely suggest Godaddy. The reason I would go with Godaddy because of its cheap price, customer support and services Godaddy is offering. I’ve been using it since 2019.

godaddy domain

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