Cloud hosting vs shared hosting – Best Solution in 2021

If you’ve read any technology article in recent times. I’m sure you’ve come across the concept of cloud, and you read of cloud hosting, cloud accounting, cloud software, cloud computing. And how is cloud hosting different from traditional shared hosting? The great news is, your WordPress website is ready now the next step is to choose a WordPress hosting solution for your website have you thought about what type of WordPress hosting solution you’re going to choose. Well, I’m sure most people are familiar with regular hosting where you provide your website to a hosting company and they host that site for you so that it’s available online to your customers.

Cloud hosting vs shared web hosting

Cloud Hosting Advantages over Shared Hosting

Extensive storage space Restricted for single vendors
Highly scalable for fast-growing businessmore expensive
Web page load Quicker
restore lost data

Cloud hosting vs shared hosting

Shared Web Hosting Advantages over Cloud Hosting

Deploy Easily Slow Speed
Easily manageServer downtime
Cheaper than cloud hostingfeatures unavailability

Cloud hosting vs shared web hosting

What is cloud hosting in simple terms?

What is cloud hosting in simple terms and how is cloud hosting different from traditional hosting.

your website is hosted on a single server on the internet that means your website and lots of other people’s websites are all sitting on one physical computer on the Internet.

Is cloud hosting good?

So how does cloud hosting improve on the situational resolve the situation?

Well, in cloud hosting your website isn’t simply hosted on a single server along with a whole lot of other people’s websites. Your website and all other customers of that particular cloud hosting company are hosted on multiple different servers all at the same time. So, there might be 20 different webs. Web servers are physical computers and on each of those 20 web servers that all websites hosted by that company are placed.

So effectively what that means is it’s a greater degree of scalability and robustness and reliability for your website when it’s hosted in a cloud infrastructure as opposed to doing. You might consider getting maybe cloud hosting or server-based hosting. for your

What is the difference between cloud and Shared web hosting?

let me explain that if you are about to go for server-based hosting that means that you’re going to bring a server. No matter, where you go you get that server. And on that server, you will have the website. You will have the data of your database I mean you will have media files and you will have almost everything maybe a mail server on the same server.

Is cloud hosting better than Web Hosting?

The cloud of things is quite the same principle but everything is separate, which means that you have a website and you’re going to put it on a big data warehouse where tens of computer servers are going to wait for your website. So, if at any time there is high traffic that’s fine because you will have here something that’s going to redirect all the requests to as many servers as required.

Cloud hosting vs shared hosting

The database if you are on a cloud-based database usually you will be able to define what is the serving server size that you want to use for your database. And move from one to another very easily and have some synchronization already up and running which means that it’s very easy for you to manage. It a very easy for you to scale and very easy to restore at a point in time which is something quite complicated. When you only have your servers it means that if you have a crash or maybe someone who does something wrong on your database, you can restore your database at any point in time. Maybe one hour ago, two hours ago, or two days ago. So, that’s very interesting and important that’s in the cloud configuration.

(Cloud Hosting vs Shared Hosting)

Now, let’s talk about the mail of course for the mail it’s going to be the same as for the web website you will be able to deploy your mail service on your hosting infrastructure and for the media file that’s again the same thing you can replicate all your media file not only on several computers but all over the world. So, that when you have some files that need to be downloaded. They are downloaded from the closest place from your visitor and it’s faster it’s again it’s regarding the performance it’s a lot better so, in that case, the infrastructure that is well-known rs3 from AWS Amazon Web Services but that’s not the only one. And I also recommend using and checking out the Google cloud platform. IBM provides also great services and there are Microsoft with as you that provide also good cloud services.

So, I hope that explanation between a simple server service that might run and run out of power. If you have very high traffic or infrastructure based on cloud that the main difference is here. We separate everything to be sure that everything is reliable enough for your growth and that’s why it’s relevant for you to move on AWS Amazon Google or IBM.

Which cloud server is best?

Nowadays, more and more companies are using their websites to Google cloud hosting. The reasons are security flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Google cloud hosting is one a loss access to the largest networks in the world it allows high performance and almost no downtime at all. In terms of market share, it is a little bit behind AWS and Microsoft Azure. But it is catching up rapidly. Thanks to its cutting-edge hardware and software solutions.

What is the advantage of cloud hosting?

There are several ways your website can be deployed cloud hosting but you’re these ways depend on how much traffic you want to get for your website and how much maintenance and deployment control you want to have over this. If you’re a developer and once more flexibility over the resources that you get. That hard hosting for WordPress is the best choice for your interpreter website on the cloud room. You will need to do the following things so first of all, you will need to create a cloud platform account then you need to deploy WordPress on a virtual machine. Then you will need to add a static IP address to the virtual machine to link it to the domain of your website. And then you will need to fund a certificate and configure it for all agree so to avoid doing manual setups and again automatic security software updates and security changes you will need to use a measure of his hosting platform. Cloud will make your life so much easier and will solve so many problems of yours.

cloud hosting benefits

The main advantages that you get with cloud hosting over shared web hosting are

The first advantage is working performance. You will get a faster website with a 99.99% uptime. You will have a super-secure Network and a high-performance server infrastructure which is great for your visitors and traffic.

Also, your data will be isolated meaning that the loading speed of your website will be decreased as much as possible. Google computer engine servers offer all scalability so the resources provided to this website will increase whenever you need them.

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