Bluehost Shared Web Hosting Review 2022 – Things they don’t tell you

Bluehost Shared Web Hosting Review

There are thousands of web hosting companies out there but Bluehost is at the top of their list because Bluehost has great speed, security, and performance which is important for sales and search rankings. Bluehost is also a very well-established company. They’ve been around for almost two decades. So, they are very unlikely to go out of business unlike some of their newer competitors. And Bluehost has legendary support. If you’re ready to get started now, click the link in the description to get a Bluehost discount not available on their website.

Bluehost shared hosting review

Pros and Cons

In this Bluehost review, I’ll explain the Pros and Cons of Bluehost and let you know what’s new.

Unlimited Storage and Unmetered BandwidthPage loading speed was a bit worrying
Free domain for the first year (saving $15)Competitively High Prices
Bluehost gives you generous extrasPrices skyrocket after 12 months (Renewal)
Free SSL certificate that makes your website more secureIf you want to feel safe and secure,
1-click WordPress installationYou’ll need to purchase an extra backup add-on
Free site migrationThere’s no month-to-month pricing
Uptime is GoodYou need to pay for at least 12 months or 36 months
User-friendly interfacein advance to get the best discounts
Take care of all the technical work of relocating your siteSpeed Needs Improvements
Easy to use for beginnersBluehost support can be improved

Bluehost Shared Web Hosting Pros and Cons

Top 10 things that you should know about Bluehost before you get a plan with them (Bluehost Shared Web Hosting Review)

Bluehost Plans:

They have four different plan and it gets confusing that which plan is right for you. So, I will quickly explain the differences between the four plans. I will give you my suggestion and sub-additional tips to help you in your long journey. So, the basic package is the ‘Starter package’ which is their cheapest package, the next one is ‘Plus package’ and the last one is ‘Business Pro’. now the major difference that you need to know here is the difference between Starter and, the major difference is given.

Bluehost shared hosting Plans

Bluehost Shared Web Hosting Review

Starter Package

On the Starter package, you can host only one website which is a limitation but at times especially for the webmaster who just wants to host one website, there is no point in buying a bigger package which you might not use. Basic is good for 1 website and 1 domain. You can store up to 50GB, which is pretty generous.

Plus Package

At the same time, if you, starting with one website right now and you have the plan to start with another website after few days or after few months, then it’s a good idea that you should not use the Starter Package, you should buy Pro or Plus package. Plus is the same as Starter but with unlimited websites, domains, email accounts, and storage.

Choice Plus Package

Choice Plus is the same as Plus with some extra functionalities. The extra features include free Domain Privacy and free automated Backup for one year. A domain is highly recommended it will prevent telemarketers and marketers from getting a hold of your personal contact information. keep domain privacy protection ticked. If you don’t then all your personal contact information will be available to pretty much everyone and you will end up getting a lot of spam emails a lot of spam phone calls a lot of weird stuff will happen that you don’t want. And it will backup your site every day so that if something happens you can just restore

Pro Package

Pro is the same as Plus and gives you higher server performance, and bigger databases. This Pro package, apart from that, they have an SSL certificate, so if you want to implement HTTPS or you want to integrate an SSL certificate. 

Be aware that even if it says unlimited, each tier comes with a maximum amount of files you can host. The limit is very high, and mostly to stop file-sharing websites. Now the main thing to keep an eye on is the renewal prices. The first term is always cheaper, but expect to pay up to 50% more thereafter. You’ll also have to pay the term year in one go, so multiply every price you see here by 12, 24, or 36 to get started. Note that I’ll only be looking at shared hosting plans, but Bluehost also has more advanced plans for power users, like VPS or dedicated servers. Bluehost offers a pleasant user experience, with easy navigation and clear menus.

bluehost Hosting plans

Bluehost Shared Web Hosting Review


The Bluehost pricing model is still among the cheaper web hosting providers and their prices are usually always under $3 for this starter plan to put this into perspective there are companies like hosting err who offer $1 hosting plans and then there are companies like SiteGround that fall in the $4 range. Bluehost offers low-cost web hosting.

So, for people looking for low-cost hosting Bluehost is a great option. I’d recommend the basic plan if you just need one website or the choice plus plan where you can set up unlimited websites for a little bit more per month. Bluehost has excellent prices they do not offer month-to-month pricing, so you cannot just pay for one month. And this is standard for hosting companies but I have been asked for an alternative hosting company with month-to-month pricing. You can also upgrade your plan at any time. So, if you’re unsure which plan to choose, I’d recommend you start with the basic plan and upgrade it later. All Bluehost hosting plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. So you’ll have plenty of time to test them out. Bluehost is the nice middle choice of course if you want to take advantage of the lower price you’ll have to buy for a long period.

If you’re looking for strictly monthly plans where you pay a small amount each month instead of a large upfront fee, I recommend you check out other Hostinger and Namecheap plans.


Bluehost uses the standard cPanel and there’s everything you need to manage a successful website. Their cPanel, which was updated in 2019 is nice and easy to use, so well done to the design team. As you can expect, it lets you manage all the files on your site, which you can upload via FTP or secure FTP on your main account. You can launch Google advertising campaigns or add your business to Google Maps you can also do basic performance optimization work on the basic security of your website and see what kind of updates your website needs at the moment


There are also over 100 apps you can install, including Drupal, Joomla, and Magento, amongst others. Let’s see how to install WordPress with Bluehost. The best beginner feature is their one-click WordPress installation software with just a few clicks. You’ll have your website online in around five minutes after purchase everything is done for you automatically with very little effort from your side. Bluehost is one of only three website hosting companies recommended by WordPress. So, this is a massive endorsement because WordPress is the world’s most popular website builder. 39% of the web is built on WordPress. And this number keeps growing every time I look it up. So, you should be very impressed by this recommendation from WordPress.


In terms of security, however, Bluehost does well, offering STFP, as previously mentioned, as well as PHP7, HTTP/2, and a free SSL certificate via let’s encrypt with every plan. And Bluehost also offers a bunch of paid addons you most likely don’t need. We ran in-depth performance tests of the most famous website hosting providers, and I have to say Bluehost is a bit of a mixed bag.


In terms of uptime, no problem. The sites we tested were live over 99.95% of the time. I’ve set up some performance tests that have been running for almost a year. So, I have some pretty good data to share for the past six months my Bluehost website went offline for 10 hours in total which isn’t a bad score in Bluehost 99.77 percent of the time. Bluehost got a big influx of new users considering what’s going on in the world right now but even with the increased pressure they didn’t buckle they kept my website online 99.8 percent of the time and for a cheap plan I can live with 0.2%. Now, the response times and these stability issues seem to be already fixed this shows that they reacted fast and probably added new servers to accommodate all of the new users and for their loading speed


Speed results were a bit more concerning. With an average of 3.32 seconds to load, this put them far behind many other providers, and behind the 3 seconds recommended by Google. I’ll note here that they only have one known location for their servers, based near the company headquarters in Utah, US. I’ve done two tests. I’ve tested an empty WordPress website as a baseline and then I’ve added a lot of design elements like text picture videos I’ve simulated an actual website to see how it loads. Bluehost review the empty WordPress website using just the based optimizations that came with my Bluehost plan loaded in 2.9 seconds which honestly is on the slower side. I was fully expecting this number to be below one second but then I’ve added the design elements and made my website look like this with all of the design elements in place my website loading speed dropped to 4.3 seconds. Bluehost fell way behind other companies in speed because a lot of new technologies emerged and Bluehost shows not to use any of them you can get twice as fast WordPress hosting plans with other providers.

SSL Certificate

You will get a free domain name this will allow you to register a website name completely free of charge you’ll also get a free SSL certificate increasing trust from your users

Customer Support

Bluehost has 24-hour excellent support. And support is very important because every minute that your website is down or not working properly could cost you hundreds of dollars in lost leads and sales. So as a website owner having fast and reliable support to turn to is essential. Bluehost support is available 24/7 365 days a year at no extra cost, even on the basic plan. And you can access support on LiveChat, email, and phone.  I like the LiveChat function because I’ve never had to wait long in the queue and my issues have always been resolved quickly with their expert help. So, if you’re a beginner and you think you’re going to need some help, then Bluehost is an excellent choice because of their great support. So that wraps up the five pros that we’ve looked at. Now let’s look quickly at two cons of Bluehost.

You can get free phone consultation from Bluehost about how can you increase the performance of your website how can you launch advertisements to increase the brand awareness of your brand and how can you increase traffic to your website overall Bluehost focuses a lot on having a very good user experience. Bluehost Shared Web Hosting Review.


Many more providers offer it these days, but it still works great here. Just make sure you delete any unwanted plugins once you’re done. Bluehost only creates 3 regular backups of your site, one daily, weekly and monthly. I’ll be honest: it’s not enough to feel safe. If you need more peace of mind, you can purchase their Site Backup Pro add-on. 


Once you set up your site, you’ll get to the Bluehost dashboard where you can manage everything about your website in one place. Another feature I like about Bluehost is the professional-looking coming soon page that is automatically displayed while you’re working on your site. With other hosting companies, you may need to download a paid plugin to set this up, which can be a little bit of a headache if you’re a newbie. So, because of these features and more, I think Bluehost is a perfect choice if you’re a beginner.

Signup Process

 I think this is what separates Bluehost from the competition. They’ve thought about how to make it easy for beginners to set up a website. And this does show up in their features which beginners appreciate. One Bluehost feature that I like is that during the signup process you have the option to choose a domain name later. I have not seen this feature in the signup process of other hosting companies and I think it’s a great feature because choosing a domain name can be a real stumbling block for beginners and stop them from getting started. So, if you want to get practice, building a website now without committing to a name then Bluehost is a great choice because of this feature. Bluehost also has made the process of setting up a WordPress website very easy.

Will Bluehost be a good option for 2021 as a budget hosting provider? (Bluehost Shared Web Hosting Review)

So, is Bluehost worth it for hosting your website or not? You’ve probably seen article after article recommending Bluehost like they’re the holy grail of web hosting. If you’re setting up your hosting with Bluehost installing WordPress is already part of the setup and you get that included and WordPress also recommends Bluehost. I’d recommend most people start with is either the basic or choice plus plan if you just want to host for one website or want to spend the least amount possible then I’d suggest going with the basic plan otherwise choice plus. The reason why I’m recommending Bluehost is that it’s great for beginners it has an extremely user-friendly interface which makes it easy to manage your website. You have outstanding customer support that’s truly the best I’ve experienced in this industry so far. And the performance you get for even their most basic plans is truly a great value which is ultimately the reason I’ve continued to use and recommend them to this day so hopefully, you found this Bluehost Shared Web Hosting review helpful.

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